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Mighty Matt
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Mighty Matt This is outlaw music. Doomy Blues born out of a backwoods cult. Organic and ripe . The Devils Fruit! Favorite track: Castigation on the wings of crows.
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released February 19, 2016

Songs written by: Paul March
Mixed and mastered by: R.O.S.H. at The practice rooms
Live bass: David Simmonds
Live guitar and vocals: Paul March



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Track Name: The whoreson's rebuke
The wisdom of the almighty
speaks loudest in the creatures
that reside in silence.
In too many dark place
in too many hearts
too many secrets under the surface
too many closets filled with bones
We are a gnawed shell,
a broken empty cast of giggling darkness
and scratching midnight
Track Name: Stored for future nightmares
Dance like a dead bird
down in the dirt
If you do it just so
lady death will let you look up her skirt
black moon above us
In a hard old sky
syphilis mad for oh so very long
it's time to knuckle up and roll the fucking die

and on that day.....
oh on that day
the black bleeds through
showing poor deep in the mess still dripping blue.

Endless johovas
smell of white hot stone
over yonder backwoods
lies grave of broken bones
was it your devils
That led you astray
or was it the poison in the charms
that keeps you running now
until this very day.

Chanting in the hills
Fires by the roadside
Track Name: Castigation on the wings of crows
Bleed out the black
until it runs to clear
Let it flow free now
till it all ends in tears
If a heart could cry
it's tears they would be red.
When grief breaks the wielder
ruins belle will fill my bed

Open a dark door
and let the bad step inside

Raised up in black
tears shed upon the throne of salt
gun Nickle task
in the barrel of a dead mans colt
steeped low in murder
from crown to ass
100 long dead summers
pinned behind glass

Oh no
all hope has flown like crows
Oh no
into the west wind blown
Track Name: All hail the red prince of loss
How doleful is the sound
how fast now is the stroke
what howls that make your shattered world
a vast and pointless joke
carry now your long dead love
see the ground in which it lies
come see the end of all things good
A weeping lullaby
all hail
all hail
the red prince of losses returns
in his burning shadow
we all shall burn

There's a place deep in us all
a place that should be filled
but somewhere between cot and grave
it's shredded torn and killed
ware kindness is a victim
stung up in the trees
is any wonder that we live to die
and crawl on broken knees

Did they hurt you?
Did you hurt them?
Track Name: Wretched thing of blood
Eyes Like empty whorehouse
with windows black
dead inside from hurting
praying for a heart attack
feeling like there's brimstone
deep within my bones
i cannot live with myself
no place I call home

Wretched thing of blood
is what I am

With conscience heavy
and spirit low
told not wanted anywhere
no place to go
cast out from love
driven from hope
there's only peace now
from the end of a rope

Under a cloak of all of all things wrong
the dead will Mourn and sing my song
sing Of foolish man his love and trust
and of his downfall and all he lost