Septic, Bitter and Hardbitten


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released April 14, 2017

CD's Available from Cavernouse records and

All songs written by Paul March
recorded by phlefonyaar



all rights reserved




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Track Name: The Lingering Molly
Oh blessed star of lamentation
United us in our greed, immorality and desperation
We the things with the broken halo
Hear the call of the void
Scooped from the bowls of hope
Where life unhinged its jaw
And swallowed us.... whole
Track Name: Temple Bells After Midnight
A blight on you and all of your kind
Screams the man with murder in mind
There's a grave in which to lay
That will see you through now
Till judgement day

Mark out a place and stand in the sun
turn guns on your own and blow them to chum
Fly kites at night over fires of bone
Raise knives to the heavens and burn in your homes

Oh there's a fire in the church on Hauthorn street
Ware good men go to find there bad to beat
Oh there's a fire in the church on Hauthorn street
And if were lucky it will consume us all
Oh it will consume us all.

Come drink to this with me! come
Stand by my side!
Come raise a. glass with me
Come watch the end of lies
Track Name: And If My Conscience Be In Fits?
In ruins of this truth
i slump against the wall
there was nothing here to help me
nothing to break my fall
they say you cant go with the dead but ive found they can go with you
meet me at the cross roads
and you can join us too

If every death is a step to heaven then is suicide a trap door?

would you forgive me
if i held you in my arms
Clutch close your battered body kept from heaven and all its rotten psalms
or would you rise and follow me
until I fade away
and meet me in the afterlife
On my judgement day

And if my conscience be in fits ... I won't see the stars
And if my conscience be in fits... it's black as boiling tar
Track Name: Slow Death And Procrastination
Speak old words with a broken mouth,
Words crawling round beneath my skin
If i had my way id drag you south,
Show you how to rely sin
Ill teach you olde tyme religion,
Found in your crotch beneath your lace
Kissing knives for broken hope,
Chanting words of saving grace

Bring coyotes to the house ware doves coo
Starve the strong and revere the lame
Cut your name in the face of scorn
In a whisky fit hulabaloo
Crowd around and bring out your dead,
Fill there chanting mouths with poison
Stand in the yard a thing renewed,
Something wicked from the woodshed

carouse like a lord.
dance like your in a pit of snakes
so far long deplored
leave them all in your opium wake.

These are my failures,
They are the tailors of my fate
I appreciate the kindness
But i fear your far too late.
Track Name: Nuthin' But Whimsy
I guess disillusion is the way of all the world
An excuse for all the pain we cause and unfurl
I say that what doesn't kill you makes you weaker everyday
But fools will run there jaws just to hear the words they say

Ive known little peace raised up bad in this place
the hole in my chest screams to me at the waste
if i was to tell you of the deeds i have done
you would turn your back on me and into the hills you would run

Oh yes! keep it incomplete
Our joy would ruin it so

I dream of rats and the squall of rooks and jays
I hear the scratch of things to witch you shouldn't prey
i read the words of which should not be spoken
I know the things that dwell inside and should not be woken
Track Name: You Can Never Have (Too Many Knives)
Theres things out there that bite and bark
and come to get you in the dark.
Thet wait out there beyond the light
They writhe and call just out of sight
So listen well my little ones
If you should stray they may well lunge
And snap you up into there arms
Ans flay your soul with all there charms

There was silence,
The screams of a jackdoor
What we saw there,
We cant say
I saw the writhing,
The blood upon the topsoil
To live beyond it,
I escaped

The things ive seen
Track Name: All Things That On Earth Do Dwell/Follow The Stench Of Woes
By the time of the black moon
the ashes of your loved ones will be mine
You carry the stench of hope in your heart
and I will pull it from around your sagging spine
if i close my eyes
i can hear them whisper and then scream
that all of this is real and not just another fever dream

All things that on earth do dwell
to hurt you i would gladly sell

I Follow the scent of woes
Im coming to tell my stories
In my shadow nothing grows
This is the beginning of the glory